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Zpedia is a Marvel Encyclopedia

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Character Search

Simple to go to the Characters section and search by a character name. Zpedia will return the results from MarvelAPI. Some results have full marvel wiki pages, others will load a simplified Character name, description. As Marvel adds to their API, Zpedia will expand results and character data for your favorite heroes, villians and groups.

Comics Search

Search by simply going to the Comics section and enter a search query. It will return your results in a collection that you can then select the Comic, and it will load the Comic info, including page count, issue number, id number, creators and load a current image if available. It will also have a link to the Marvel Store to find a copy of the publication or a link to download a digital version if available from the Marvel Store.

Series Search - Coming Soon!

Soon you will be able to search the Marvel Universe by series to find a listing in a run of publications.

Creators Search- Coming Soon!

Soon you will be able to find your issues by the creator of your choice. Find your favorite penciler, inker or writer and see their material created in the Marvel Universe.

Find or digitally download your comics

Search for Marvel comics in Zpedia and there is a button to the Marvel Store to find the copy of the publication or a link to digitally download the comic to your mobile device.

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It's simply the fastest way to find out info about Marvel characters
Its a great way to find which comics your heros, villians and groups have been published.


If it exists in the M.U.
Zpedia will have it.


Zpedia will have it all. And soon Marvelopedia will be searchable by creators, series and collections. If it is on the MarvelAPI, it will be on Zpedia. If Zpedia doesnt have it, blame Stan Lee. Kidding, we love Stan Lee, that's why I made this app, and it will always be free! EXCELSIOR!

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