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Dropz2 is a online and offline data service finder.

Find where users have marked locations or create your own..


Search for locations near you, color-coded by their type. Or Filter the locations by the type of connection you are looking to find.


Create a location if it is not already marked on the map, add a name, data type, connection type, and up to 3 images of the location. Latitude and Longitude are automatically updated, or you can enter address and description of the location.


Get directions to the location from your current location with driving or walking directions in maps.


Just curious about the types of drops in your area? Filter your data type to find all dropz in your area and find about the details either by the annotation or click on the annotation image, and it will take you to a detailed description with image and info.

Dropz2 will help get you connected!

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If you need to get online or share data p2p offline or online, dropz2 will help. If its in your area you can get connected, find p2p locations or simply find iBeacon locations for informative geofenced areas.


Don't worry about losing temporary cellular connection.
Dropz2 has you covered.


Find the connection you are looking for even if you cellular reception is terrible. Don't let your carrier's coverage area affect your connectivity.